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Commercial Ice Machines

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Commercial Ice Machines are essential pieces of commercial kitchen equipment. Whether you are a busy restaurant, taproom, bar, or a hotel, Commercial Ice Machines allow customers a certain level of comfort when enjoying refreshing drinks. Brink Inc. provides service, maintenance, refurbishes, and leases Commercial Ice Machine for all customers to enjoy. Find out about our leasing agreements that include everything you will need. Check out our refurbished and used equipment selection for buying options.

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Restaurants, bars, taprooms, and large kitchens often rely on ice machines as a necessary component of foodservice equipment. Consider the following when buying or leasing a Commercial Ice Machine. Machine size and capacity, modular vs self-contained, air-cooled vs water-cooled, and cube style provided. Brink Inc. provides customers with affordable leasing options that include quality maintenance service.

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Commercial Ice Machines are designed to produce large quantities of ice quickly over a 24 hour period. Generally, for establishments with medium to high volume drink orders, Commercial Ice Machines are used to deliver performance, hygiene, efficiency, and maintain food safety standards. Commercial Ice Machines provide users and business owners the versatility of offering various shapes and sizes for different uses.

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Brink Inc. services and refurbishes various Commercial Ice Machine with OEM parts and factory-trained technicians. Our technicians have the tools, knowledge, and experience to provide exemplary service and support to ensure your Commercial Ice Machines are reaching performance and energy standards. Brink Inc. offers advantageous service contracts and leasing agreements for customers requiring a Commercial Ice Machine.


Manitowoc Neo 14/190 Ice Machine

  • Best In Class
  • Delay Feature
  • Up to 40 lbs.* more ice over a 24-hour period
  • Removable bin and low profile construction
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