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Commercial Slicers are essential pieces of commercial foodservice equipment. A much-needed piece of equipment for your favorite sandwich spot, steak house, supermarket and delis, caterers, and local meat departments. Commercial Meat Slicers give an edge to commercial kitchens and meat departments. Check out our refurbished and used equipment selection for buying options.

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Be sure to find a balance of expected use (what you will be slicing) and capacity (how much) for your commercial meat slicer. This will determine the type, style, model, and even blade requirement needed. Finding this balance will quickly increase the productivity and safety of your food service establishment.

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A good commercial meat slicer is ideal for restaurants, grocers, and meat departments where slicing is a daily and intensive aspect of their operation. Additional features and functions could include multi-speed motors, zero or limited knife exposure, built-in sharpeners, and thickness settings.

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Brink Inc. services and refurbishes commercial meat slicers with OEM parts and factory-trained technicians. Our technicians have the tools, knowledge, and experience to service commercial meat slicers with such features as automatic controls, weight and scale features, blade thickness/settings, and program calibrations.  Request service on your commercial slicer today!



  • 13" Clean Cut™ Knife
  • Variable Four-Speed Automatic Carriage with Front Mounted Controls
  • Machine Grooves on Gauge Plate and KnifeCover
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