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Commercial Charbroilers and Griddles are important and essential to the speed, control, and cooking consistency for commercial kitchens. An important piece of cooking equipment for commercial kitchens that have a limited amount of space yet need to maximize available cooking surfaces. Brink Inc. offers the best local service for new and refurbished charbroilers and griddles with factory-trained technicians and OEM parts. Check out our refurbished and used equipment selection for buying options.

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It is important to know the expected capacity, available space, and the heat source required that will help in selecting a make and model to fit your needs. Some things to consider: space required (floor type or countertop style), heavy-duty or light type griddle plate, griddle surface types, heat source needed, and start-up recovery times.

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Commercial charbroilers and griddles come in various makes, models, and sizes to meet the demands of any commercial kitchen or foodservice business. A charbroiler or griddle can offer a fast way to cook with ease and control in demanding conditions. This is especially true for busy steak houses, diners, cafeterias,and your favorite burger spot. A commercial charbroiler or griddle will be one of the most-used pieces of equipment in your commercial kitchen.

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For your foodservice establishment, commercial charbroilers and griddles may be the primary workhorse for your kitchen. We recognize the requirement, demand, and strain that puts on a primary piece of commercial equipment. Brink Inc. offers 24/7 emergency service. We want to reduce downtime for any piece of equipment, but primarily the pieces essential to your daily operations. Request service on your commercial grill and griddle today!



  • Internal Gas Pressure Regulator
  • Embedded solid state temperature control shortens recovery times and ensures food consistency
  • Independent burner sections every 12" enables operator to cook multiple menu items simultaneously
  • MODEL: #VCCG48

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