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Providing customers and staff with a comfortable environment will undoubtedly create a lasting impression. This is where heating, ventilation, and quality air conditioning control comes into play. The service team at Brink Inc. has the experience to repair, install, maintain heating and cooling units, and provide the guidance needed to obtain quality air control. We provide outstanding service, maintenance, and lasting solutions for all your refrigeration and HVAC service needs. We look forward to being your go-to contractor for HVAC repair service in Billings MT.

Our mission stands in connection to our motto for over 70 years, "Service before the Sale." Looking for refurbished and used equipment? Check out our selection of high quality used kitchen equipment.

Commercial HVAC Billings MT - Casper WY

When it comes to your establishment's heating and cooling, under performing equipment and units can create discomfort for customers and staff. One of the best ways to continue a positive and pleasant environment is with regular maintenance.

By calling Brink Inc. for dependable and local commercial HVAC service and refrigeration repair, you can expect consistent and professional work. The first step to maintaining and protecting your refrigeration equipment and general HVAC is by calling the team at Brink Inc. for quality heating and cooling repair services. We keep customer's equipment running smoothly and stick to your budget.

The temperatures in Montana and Wyoming can reach extremes in both the winter and summer seasons. Brink Inc. provides reliable service to ensure your equipment is never compromised. We provide complete maintenance contracts to manage equipment going into each new season. For School Districts, be sure to ask about our seasonal maintenance checkups.

Your Equipment Our Service
  • Replace all filters
  • Clean evaporator coils and condensers
  • Clear clogs and clean drain lines to ensure proper flow
  • Remove standing water from drain pans
  • Replace worn pulleys and belts
  • Inspect refrigerant for possible leaks
  • Check all connections and electrical system
  • Ensure the fan motor is operating correctly
  • Inspect the blades and blowers to maintain proper airflow
  • Inspect the HVAC cabinet for possible issues
  • Make sure the HVAC cabinet door is securely closed
  • Remove any debris from around the unit

Brink Inc. provides 24/7 emergency service for commercial refrigeration equipment and HVAC service. We recognize the need for prompt and dependable service involving your establishment's HVAC systems. We back all of our OEM parts and labor with tailored maintenance agreements. You can trust the service from Brink Inc. to be completed the first time.

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