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Commercial AC Installation

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Maintenance, Service, & Installation of Commercial HVAC Systems

Installation of a commercially sized AC unit is a daunting task. It involves hours or inspection, fork-lifts, cranes, and long days. So why would you leave a project of this size and price to a company with less experience? From start to finish, Brink Inc. HVAC techs are there early in the morning to ensure our install meets your expectations. Our techs perform installations with caution to ensure a professional job is completed on time and within budget.

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All commercial equipment has a lifespan. With regular maintenance and repairs, you may be lucky to get 30 years out of your current commercial AC unit. When the time comes to replace your unit, it can be an expensive and long process. But then again, high energy costs, fluctuating temperatures, and an uncomfortable environment for customers also have their expenses. You can expect a replacement is necessary when you have a unit over 20 years, experience strange noises or smells, high energy costs, and fluctuating temperatures.

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Bring costs and comfort levels back under control with a newly installed AC unit. With a new AC unit professionally installed by Brink Inc. you've not only ensured a professional install but also within budget. With a fully functional and professionally installed AC unit, your energy costs become predictable, temperatures are regular and set, and customers and staff are comfortable.

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At the time of contact, agreement, installation, and cleanup, Brink Inc. is there every step of the way. We guarantee a smooth and professional plan when mapping out commercial AC installations. Our installation plan not only ensures the power and efficiency promised by the manufacturer, but also that your unit complies with federal, state, and local laws. With minimal business interruption, we provide a safe and clean process outside your establishment. You can count on Brink Inc. and the team of professional HVAC technicians for all your commercial AC installations.

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