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Commercial HVAC Repair

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Maintenance, Service, & Installation of Commercial HVAC Systems

We provide essential HVAC repair services for restaurants, casinos, taprooms, and other foodservice and food retail establishments. Brink Inc. provides a total support system to our customers looking for commercial HVAC service on top of their commercial kitchen needs. Our technicians encompass customers to inspire a one-call resolution for all their servicing needs. We ensure repairs are made with long-term goals in mind, no minor fixes or quick patches. We take pride in providing premium solutions that last. Check out our refurbished and used equipment selection for buying options.

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We find "quick-fixes" to be inadequate. You can expect our service and repairs will inspire total confidence from our HVAC technicians. As with our pro-active stance on maintenance, we take an equally pro-active stance on repairs. Targeting issues before they result in failure or malfunctioning systems. Our technicians are trained to recognize and advise business owners of potential concerns to reduce downtime and prolong the operation of a system.

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You can rely on the team of HVAC professionals at Brink Inc. for a "One-Call-Resolution" service guarantee. One call, one company, and all your servicing needs to be handled. This is the benefit of scheduling a service call with a full-service provider such as Brink Inc. We offer programs and packages that no other service provider can provide to customers looking for HVAC service.

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From AC heat pump controls/switches, duct system deficiencies, lost cooling capacity to electric motor diagnostic, compressor/condenser unit defects, and everything in-between. Our HVAC technicians take a pragmatic and professional approach to get you the best results. It's our job as HVAC professionals to perform services that meet the requirements and exceed the expectations. We dive deep into the issue to provide exceptional service that will last.

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