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Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair

Repair, Service, Maintenance & More

Brink Inc. provides a wide variety of service and maintenance solutions for your commercial cooking equipment. We service, maintain and refurbish all cooking equipment including convection ovens, commercial steamers, professional ranges, grills, and griddles. We aim to provide and prolong the value of your commercial kitchen equipment. Rest assured our factory-trained technicians evaluate every piece of equipment to offer the best possible service to keep your kitchen running smoothly. The team at Brink Inc. looks for solutions to offer our customers and will always stand by our motto, "Service before the Sale." Looking for refurbished and used equipment? Check out our selection of high quality used kitchen equipment.

Local Cooking Equipment Repair

When it comes to consistency and quality, your commercial cooking equipment should be a top priority. Each selection can be essential to the success of your establishment. Restaurant cooking equipment includes equipment such as heavy-duty ranges, commercial toasters, and deep fryers. Brink Inc. aims to keep these makes and models running at optimal performance.

We provide businesses in Montana and Wyoming with uncompromising service and maintenance. We build a relationship that starts with the first call. For all your cooking equipment service needs, we pride ourselves on setting high standards. These standards are no different when it comes to commercial cooking equipment repair. 

Brink Inc. is your leading service provider when searching for reliable service for commercial cooking ranges, griddles, steamers, and holding cabinets. We handle the pressure of even the most demanding of jobs. As a leading provider in foodservice equipment repair and service, you can rely on our standards.

Your Equipment Our Service
  • Charboilers
  • Griddles
  • Commercial Steamers
  • Commercial Ranges
  • Convection Ovens
  • Commercial Fryers
  • Toasters
  • Holding Cabinets
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Used Cooking Equipment

When the demanding days come, you can rest assured your commercial cooking equipment will surpass expectations. We will ensure your equipment is always prepared to cook, fry, steam, or toast, even on your busiest days. Check out our selection of refurbished and used cooking equipment. Every piece of used kitchen equipment is completed with OEM parts and factory-insight.

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