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Undercounter dishwashers are the saviors for small kitchens, taprooms, bars, and those in need of efficiency with limited space. Brink Inc. has been helping those customers wanting new used or refurbished undercounter dishwashers for over 70 years. We know the essentials for assisting customers with everything there is to decide when finding the right commercial undercounter dishwasher for your foodservice needs. Check out our refurbished and used equipment selection for buying options.

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Before purchasing an under-counter dish machine, it is essential to remember the needs and expected capacity your establishment will require. Different models perform better under specific conditions. Affirming the correct machine to meet your expected requirements will further your machine's performance and efficiency.

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Undercounter dish machines provide the opportunity to increase cleaning capacity without sacrificing needed floor space. You may be looking into under-counter dishwashers to increase washing capacity, save floor space, or needing a solution for specific applications such as small dishes or glassware. All of which are benefits of under-counter dish machines.

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From recommended models for capacity requirements, all the way to installation and maintenance of undercounter machines. Brink Inc. is your best bet when it comes to commercial undercounter dish machines. Our factory trained technicians have direct insight to various models and how to get most out of your machine in terms of performance. For chemical products and solutions visit Advanced Chemical Solutions (A.C.S.)



  • Racks per hour – Light 30 / Normal 24 / Heavy 13
  • .62 gallons of water per rack
  • Steam elimination and energy recovery
  • Integrated booster heater capable of 70°F rise
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