6 Reasons Your Commercial Refrigerator Isn't Working
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6 Reasons Your Commercial Refrigerator Isn't Working

Reference this guide for when your refrigerator is broken

The reality is, commercial refrigeration equipment seemingly enjoys breaking down in the middle of the night or during peak business hours. This is because a food-serving establishment relies heavily on the performance of commercial refrigerators and freezers. Whether you have a two-door Traulsen refrigerator or a large walk-in freezer outside. The success of your business is tied deeply with the performance your refrigeration equipment.

For any owner, the scenario of an under performing walk-in cooler is a nightmare to hear. Luckily we're going to identify the most common issues that hinder your commercial refrigeration equipment. Provided by the service technicians at Brink Inc. - Montana and Wyoming's leader in commercial refrigeration repair and service.

6 Reasons Your Commercial Refrigerator Isn't Working

‍#1 Refrigerator is leaking water

One of the most common issues with refrigeration equipment is leaking water both inside and outside of the unit. Examine door gaskets for damage and seal condition. Inspect drain lines for obstructions and defrost lines of excess ice. 

#2 Fluid in fresh food compartments.

Accumulation of water in fresh food compartments is not ideal. Luckily this is an easy fix that can be resolved with regular maintenance. The culprit is most likely old or damaged door gaskets. Worn door gaskets allow warm air in resulting in a build-up of condensation. 

#3 Commercial Freezer is producing excessive frost.

Additional frost in a commercial refrigeration unit is usually the result of an issue with the defrost system or evaporator fan motor. Perform regular maintenance exams to clear debris, remove ice, or replace the evaporator fan motor.

#4 Refrigerator not running properly.

When your commercial refrigerator or freezer has stopped working entirely, a faulty thermostat may be the culprit. A replacement could be needed as well as a complete inspection of the unit's airflow and compressor.

#5 Refrigerator isn't cooling.

The fluctuation of temperature can be the result of the compressor, obstructed airflow, worn door gaskets, or dirty fans & evaporator coils. Brink Inc. has tailored maintenance agreements that inspect each of these areas to ensure your equipment is maintaining a safe level of cooling temperature.

#6 Loud noises coming from your refrigerator.

Staff and Owners are familiar with the regular humming coming from their refrigeration units. This is a good indication of the condition of your unit's compressor. The absence of that constant vibration of refrigerant being compressed combined with high energy bills can indicate an issue with the unit's compressor. Certified technicians such as those at Brink Inc. perform regular maintenance inspections to keep performance standards high. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions
My Commercial Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

If your commercial refrigerator is not cooling and you have replaced or recently repaired its gaskets and or thermostat, the issue most likely is your compressor. Listen for a loud or tellingly exhausted humming. This may indicate your compressor, which distributes refrigerant/coolant through the evaporator and condenser, is being suffocated by dirt and dust. Perform a maintenance check by carefully removing built-up debris with a brush and vacuum. Be cautious not to bend the coils.

My Commercial Refrigerator Is Over Cooling

Is your refrigerator overcooling? Your thermostat settings are possible not accurately set. The thermostat in a commercial refrigerator is responsible for controlling the compressor, and the evaporator and condenser fans to produce the desired cooling cycle. A refrigeration expert like Brink Inc. can properly calibrate these settings or diagnose a faulty component.

How Long Does A Commercial Freezer Last

Most high-quality refrigerators and freezers are constructed from stainless steel. A durable model and reputable brand can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on usage and proper maintenance.

How Much Power Does A Commercial Refrigerator Use?

17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity is the expected consumption for a commercial refrigerator. This amount can be monitored and reduced by ensuring proper maintenance inspections of the gaskets and refrigeration system.

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