Hobart AM15 Dishwasher


The Hobart AM15 upright dishwasher is a top model dishwasher, able to clean between 58-65 racks per hour. This dishwasher is an energy saver, using only .74 gallons of water per rack final rinse water, making it an excellent choice for businesses who want to save time and money. The Hobart AM15 dishwasher is perfect for any busy foodservice operation. Brink Inc. is proud to offer this top-of-the-line dishwasher to our customers.

  • Up to 65 racks per hour
  • .74 gallons of water used per rack
  • Increased wash water pressure
  • 4 wash cycles from 1-6 minutes
  • 208/240V, 3 phase


This Hobart dish machine has many unique features including a water and energy-saving rinse system to help lower utility bills and ensure you stay ahead of water usage standards. This dishwasher is simple for operators to use and faster with features like a door-actuated start, self-draining stainless steel pump, and impeller. It also has a touch-pad control display that is simple for operators to access and use.


Drawn tank, tank shelf and feet constructed of 16 gauge stainless steel. Wash chamber and front trim panel above motor compartment are polished, satin finish. Frame is 12 gauge stainless steel, chamber is 18 gauge, and removable trim panels are 20 gauge.


Built for Hobart, 2 H.P., with inherent thermal protection, grease-packed ball bearings, splash-proof design, ventilated. Single-phase is capacitor-start, induction-run type. Three-phase is squirrel-cage, induction type

Microcomputer Control System

Hobart microcomputer controls, assembled within water-resistant enclosure, provide built-in performance and reliability. The microcomputer control, relays and contactors are housed behind a stainless steel enclosure, hinged to provide easy access for servicing. The line voltage electrical components are completely wired with 105°C, 600V thermoplastic insulated wire with stranded conductors and routed through listed electrical conduit. Electrical components are wired with type ST cord.  Line disconnect switch NOT furnished.

Cycle Operation

The microcomputer-timing program is started by closing the doors, which actuates the door cycle switch. The microcomputer energizes the wash pump motor contactor during the wash portion of the program. After the wash, a dwell permits the upper wash manifold to drain. At the end of the dwell, the final rinse solenoid valve is energized. After the final rinse valve closes, Sani-Dwell (Hot Water Mode only) permits sanitization to continue. The Rinse display remains on  during this period, completing the program. If the microcomputer is interrupted during a cycle by the door-cycle switch, the microcomputer is reset to the beginning of the program. Hot Water Sanitizing (58 racks per hour) – 57 seconds: 38 Second Wash, 2 Second Dwell, 10 Second Rinse, 7 Second Sani-Dwell. Chemical Sanitizing (65 racks per hour) – 50 Seconds: 38 Second Wash, 2 Second Dwell, 10 Second Rinse. Other  programs can be pre-selected by your Hobart service technician. Manual wash cycle selector also provides selection of 2-, 4- or 6-minute wash cycles for heavier washing applications.

Wash Cycle

Hobart revolving stainless steel wash arms with unrestricted openings above and below provide thorough distribution of water jets to all dish-ware surfaces. Arms are easily removable for cleaning and are interchangeable. Stainless steel tubing manifold connects upper and lower spray system.

Rinse Cycle

Rotating rinse arms, both upper and lower, feature 14 rinse nozzles. The stainless steel upper and lower rinse arms are easily removable without tools for inspection and are interchangeable. Diaphragm-type rinse control solenoid valve mounted outside machine. Machine is equipped with special hot water vacuum breaker on downstream side of rinse valve –  mounted 6" above uppermost rinse opening. Easy open brass line strainer furnished.

Drain and Overflow

Large bell type automatic overflow  and drain valve controlled from inside of machine. Drain automatically closed by lowering chamber. Drain seal is large diameter, high temperature “O” ring. Cover for overflow is integral part of the standpipe.

Width 27 Inches
Depth 28 1/2 Inches
Height 66 1/2 Inches
Hertz 60
Phase 3 Phase
Voltage 208/240 Volts
Dishwasher Style Straight
Hosepower 2 HP
Number of Cycles 2
Wash Tank Capacity 14 Gallons
Water Inlet Size 3/4 Inch
NSF Listed Yes
Wash Cycle TIme 60-360 Seconds
Racks Per Hour 58-65
Water Usage .74 Gallons Per Rack
Water Temperature 140-180 Degrees F

Standard Features

  • .74 gallons per rack final rinse water
  • 58 racks per hour – hot water sanitizing
  • 65 racks per hour – chemical sanitizing
  • NSF pot and pan listed for 2-, 4- & 6- minute cycles
  • Timed wash cycles for 1, 2, 4 or 6 minutes
  • Solid state, integrated controls with digital status indicators
  • Self-draining, high efficiency stainless steel pump and stainless steel impeller
  • Stainless steel drawn tank, tank shelf, chamber, trim panels, frame and feet
  • Spring counterbalanced chamber with polyethylene guides
  • Revolving, interchangeable upper and lower anti-clogging wash arms
  • Revolving, interchangeable upper and lower rinse arms
  • Slanted, self-locating, one-piece scrap screen and basket system
  • Automatic fill
  • Door actuated start
  • Automatic drain closure
  • Vent fan control
  • External booster activation
  • Delime cycle
  • Service diagnostics
  • NAFEM Data Protocol capable
  • Straight-through or corner installation
  • Hot water or chemical sanitation

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