Hobart MG1532 Mixer Grinder


The Hobart MG1532 is an ergonomic and easy-to-use mixer grinder that mixes and grinds meat without smashing it. It increases productivity, quality, and consistency while reducing labor time. It's easy to clean and easy to operate meaning very little training time is needed between operators.

  • Grinds 55 to 60 lb. of beef per minute
  • 7.5 hp grind motor; 1 hp mix motor
  • Grinds 60 to 65 lb. of pork per minute
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 150 lb. meat capacity


With an outstanding meat capacity of 150 lbs., the Hobart MG1532 meat mixer grinder is the perfect grinder for heavy-duty meat prep. Foot operation controls option and hands-free control allow the operator complete focus. This compact-design grinder/mixer can grind 55 - 60 lb. of fresh boneless beef per minute through a 1/8" plate, and 60 - 65 lb. of pork per minute through a 3/16" plate.


The MG1532 Mixer-Grinder hopper has a meat capacity of up to 150 pounds, depending on the type of product. The grinding rate is 35-40 pounds of fresh boneless meat per minute through a 1⁄8" plate. The MG1532 is for fresh or frozen meat tempered to 26°F., or higher and can be in take or stick form.

Stay-Sharp Knife & Plates

The Hobart Stay-Sharp knife & plates are made from alloy steel that holds its edge longer than standard carbon steel. Stay-Sharp plates also can be resharpened many more times than regular plates. These two features allow a substantial lifetime cost benefit with the Hobart Stay-Sharp plates.

Feeding System

The MG1532 is powered by two separate drive systems. A 1 H.P. motor drives the heavy-duty steel mixing arm. The arm rotates at 23 rpm and can easily be removed from the hopper for cleaning. The conveyor screw extends the full length of the hopper and cylinder. The screw rotates at a speed of 216 rpm. By depressing the MIX/GRIND START button both the mixing arm and the screw are operated. Both mixing and grinding are stopped when the STOP switch is depressed.

Grinding End

The mixer-grinder is equipped with a “Wedge" cylinder” grinding end. This grinding end is sized for #32 knives and plates (not included but optionally available).


The mixer-grinder consists of a glass bead finished stainless steel hopper, and stainless steel panels to enclose the base assembly and motors. The end ring and cylinder are stainless steel. The mixing arm and conveyor screw are tinned. The casters are stainless steel and nickel-chrome plated.


The mixing arm, conveyor screw, cylinder, conveyor screw drive-shaft seal, and mix arm seal are removable from the mixer-grinder for cleaning.

Width 26 7/8"
Depth 50 3/4"
Height (including hopper): 84 1/8"
Hertz 60
Phase 3 Phase
Voltage 208 Volts
Capacity 150 LBS.
Hosepower 7 1/2 HP
Hub Size #32
Plug Type Nema 5-20P
Made in America Yes
NSF Listed Yes
Type Meat Chopper/Grinders
Power Type Electric
Exterior Stainless Steel
Blade Included Sold Seperately


  • 150 pound hopper capacity
  • Double wall construction
  • 7.5 H.P. grind motor and 1 H.P. mix motor
  • 8-foot cord and plug power connection
  • Separate mix and grind motors
  • Pneumatic foot control
  • Hand removable and interchangeable seals
  • Counterbalanced lid
  • Double-sealed push button control panel with condensate heater
  • Easy access hopper interior and exterior surfaces

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